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World Federation of Hemophilia: World Congress

NHF Annual Meeting

World Federation of Hemophilia: World Congress (more details from WFH site)

May 20-24, 2018
Glasgow, Scotland

BVHF is offering an opportunity to fund attendance to the World Federation of Hemophilia's World Congress for an individual whose life is connected to the hemophilia/bleeding order community. A $2000 sponsorship will be provided to fund registration, travel, and lodging expenses for the applicant selected.

If your attendance at the World Congress is funded by BVHF, you are agreeing to submit a synopsis of your time at the meeting, including insights and information gained. A presentation can be made before the Board or submitted in writing. You are required to participate fully in the event and activities of WFH while at the meeting. You are also agreeing that we have your permission to use your statement on our website, hopefully encouraging others to take advantage of this opportunity.

Important dates

Deadline for application is April 31, 2018
Notifications of funding will be provided by May 4, 2018
Deadline for follow up statement is July 31, 2018

Download application.

Applications and follow up statements should be returned Ann Mathis